Hiroshi Aikikai

Hiroshi Aikikai wishes to awaken its students to the values carried by this non-aggressive martial art characterized by graceful, circular movements and dramatic projections. There is no competition in Aikido and it is practiced by young and old.

Being a never-ending quest for self-improvement,each semester begins with a reminder of Aikido’s challenge to clarify our own values and thus behave according to those values, even under stress.

The beginning is always difficult. We witness the frustration of realizing the difficulty of teaching one’s mind and body something new. But perseverance has its rewards. The more one gives, the more one gains. In this way, one truly receives what one deserves.


Our Dojo provides an environment where one can leave the pressures of life’s activities to find their ‘way’ in an orderly pattern that does not exclude fun and enjoyment. Harmony cannot exist in an uncontrolled, chaotic situation.

We thrive to extend our quest of common goals and cooperation outside the mat to forge bonds and friendships that can provide joy and security, especially to those students from foreign cities and countries.


Our Aikido is based on three cherished principles: yield, blend, flow. 

Transposed in everyday life and situations, we feel these basic elements can help and guide us in a confident and comfortable manner to achieve our goals.

A successful Aikidoka has confronted his ego and realised there is more satisfaction in a humble demeanor than in recognition from others. A talented performer should not be considered a better person than a mistake prone beginner. Aikido remains an act of generosity, passing on knowledge as an altruistic gift.

Go, and give some more…